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Tractor Supply Company Launches Kayak Line

Tractor Supply Company, the family-owned chain of stores that sells products for farming and fishing, has launched a new line of kayaks. The company, which operates 1,500 stores in the U.S., said on Wednesday that it will sell its first three kayaks through its locations in Tennessee, Missouri and South Carolina.

The new line, which will be sold exclusively at Full Sail Outlets, includes a 17-foot Sea Eagle kayak and a 19-foot Sea Eagle with a molded cockpit, as well as an entry-level kayak that is a scaled-down version of the 19-foot model. The company will also launch a kayak education program, which will be free to customers, and will train its store employees to be certified as kayak retailers.




Tractor Supply Company, a North Carolina based company specializing in the sale of outdoor power equipment and supplies, has announced its new Kayak line which will be sold in over 60 stores across the country.

The TSC Kayak line up is anchored by two 18-foot kayaks from Wilderness Systems. The tandem double kayaks come with a rudder and outfitting for fishing and paddling, and retail for $1,999.99 each. Also available are a 17-foot Sea Eagle kayak, with a molded cockpit, for $1,984.99, and an entry-level kayak, which is a scaled-down version of the 19-foot Sea Eagle, for $1,749.99. All prices include a Wilderness Systems paddle and kayak bag.

“Kayaks have been a favorite of ours for many years,” said Jeff Smith, vice president of TSC. “But up until now, they’ve been out of reach for many consumers. We’re very excited about the new kayak line, as it will be the only kayaks on the market that can be bought with an easy credit card or debit card. And with a variety of features, the kayaks will appeal to kayakers of all levels.



TSC hopes to capitalize on the growing interest in participation in outdoor activities. For years now, the demand for outdoor gear has been steadily increasing. The kayaks will be sold at Tractor Supply Company. But, the TSC kayaks will also be sold at other retailers. For example, the kayaks will also be sold at The TSC kayaks will be sold at Barnes and Noble.



Tractor Supply Company, the nation’s largest farm and outdoor retailer, has launched a brand new kayak line to accommodate hunters and fisherman. In addition to the kayaks, customers will also be able to find fishing rods, fishing line, dry bags for packing clothes and food for those long camping trips, as well as various other items. The kayaks come in three different sizes- small, medium, and large- so that serious fishermen will be able to get the perfect fit. The new kayaks will be sold in the Home Improvement aisles at Tractor Supply Company.



Tractor Supply Company has announced its intentions to begin offering kayaks to the retail market. Cubic feet of space in their stores is being converted to accommodate the new product line, and while this will cost money, divisional president Jeff McNeer believes it will prove worthwhile in the long run. The company will also be offering kayak lessons to its stores.


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